Symphony of the Ceiba

Mia (6 years old) is a curious girl who enters a mysteriousforest located somewhere in South America, where she meets a tree that will tell her how humans evolved thanks to wood and how this noble material has been present in all cultures, including Indigenous people, Africans and Europeans throughout history. Mia will discover that planting a tree today is connecting with the roots of all humanity
“Symphony of the Ceiba” is a Latin American vision of the human evolution and its ingrained relation with the wood. A poetic audiovisual essay, that mixes fiction and documentary. Driven by a voice-over, in Spanish, English, Native and African languages, accompanied by emotional music, it fuses traditional Indigenous, Afro-Caribbean and Spanish elements. “Symphony of the Ceiba” is developed in exotic locations and will be carried out by real people, enriched with elements of fiction and touches of VFX. Regarding cinematography “Symphony of the ceiba” have a documentary style camera and naturalistic photography, complemented with aerial drone shots.
“Symphony of the Ceiba” is a branded content developed for The International Wood Culture Society